Selected Publications

(2018). Political participation in European welfare states: does social investment matter?. Journal of European Public Policy.

PDF Project

(2017). Labour Market Insecurity and Generalized Trust in Welfare State Context. European Sociological Review.


(2016). Causality and Time in Historical Institutionalism. The Oxford Handbook of Historical Institutionalism.


Current Projects

Affect and Emotions in Politics

How do affect and emotions shape citizens political attitudes and behaviors? Focus on the role of emotions in shaping cognition and group identities.

Economic Insecurity and Political Efficacy

How does poverty shape political efficacy? And how is this relationship moderated by the institutional context?


PS/MWA - Das Politische System Deutschlands im International Vergleich

Introduces German political institutions (parliament, electoral and party system etc.) and compares them to international counterparts. Also teaches students basic research methods: How to find, read, and synthesize academic works and develop their own questions and arguments.

Varieties of Institutions and Institutional Change – The Case of Germany

Uses the empirical case of Germany to introduce theories of institutions and institutional change. Focus on the three New Institutionalisms and Discoursive Institutionalism, as well as the distinction between critical junctures and gradual institutional change.

Social policy in Germany

Course exploring the history and developments of social policy in Germany. Teaches (1) basic concepts,(2) historical roots, (3) current trajectories, (4) effects of social policy.

Mixed Methods

Course introduces the logics of quantitative and qualitative methods. Special emphasis is placed on methods that combine quantitative and qualitative approaches.

Quantitative Methods

An introduction to quantitative methods up to logistic regression. Focus on applied work using STATA.

Selected Media and Outreach